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Inadequate wiring or install new wiring?
Wefll survey your current electrical system and recommend improvements so that you can rest easy. Energy efficiency and cost effectiveness are priorities.

Need to cut back on electrical bills and/or upgrade to energy efficient lighting?
We can switch you to LED lighting and show you what will work best in your home.



Commercial electricians plan and diagram electrical systems, including the conduits of tubing or pipe often required by local electrical codes.
Electrician may work from blueprints provided by the general contractor.

Either designing the system or working from blueprints, the electrician installs the conduits and runs the electrical wiring which are usually terminated at switches, circuit breaker panels and relays.

Commercial electricians wire instruments that control the power, lighting and heating units in buildings. They also provide wiring for air conditioning and refrigeration units.


Work may involve testing, troubleshooting, installation, and repair of the electrical components.
Responsible for all practical set wiring on film and television productions.

Equipment Installations

Specialized wiring performed during the erection or reconstruction of structures intended for various purposes that entails the installation of electric wiring and electrical equipment. Wiring may be overhead power lines, cable lines, current leads, or interior wiring.